09 September, 2006

Guardsman is Victorious!

MEPS just could not keep me down!

So my guy last Tuesday got and open in the eyes for refraction - MEPS wanted to schedule his consult for September 14th! I had other plans. I talked to my Senior MEPS GC and got the right paperwork to send to his eye doctor. Submitted said paperwork to MEPS on this Tuesday waiting for the Doc to DQ him, also figuring I wouldn't get an answer till next week. Well apparently the doctor likes me now because he read the consult on Wednesday and cleared him for processing enlist only!


So I called my guy on Wednesday and got him ready to process on Thursday - life just couldn't get any better, could it?

Yes it could!

I had a guy that I needed to do some records checks on - they came back clean and told him to come to my office. He comes in, signs the pre-screen and 680 and says he wants to go to MEPS ASAP. "How's about Thursday for Friday?" He tells me he couldn't leave till 6pm on Thursday, thus making it impossible for him to night test.... So I call MEPS and see if there is an SDP (Same day processor for you readers that somehow found my blog other than my 5 actual readers) and turns out nobody had reserved the SDP for Friday! Could this get any better?!

Thursday I wake up knowing it's going to be a good day - the sun is shining, my brother called to tell me I'm going to be an uncle again, all my split-option trainers are back to school getting me leads, and I've got 2 guys going to MEPS to finish my yearly mission.

Life was good.....

So the SDP kid is supposed to call me when he gets in town to meet me to go to MEPS. He's supposed to call no later than 6pm. Cool, I can putz around for a while.....

Then, to quote SFC B, the recruiting Gods decided to punish me......

6pm comes and goes, no word from him. At 6:30 I call his house and get an answering machine, I leave a message.

7pm, answering machine again.....

7:30pm, Mom answers! Mom has no idea where he is, but is glad I called because she's got a few questions. I answer them and she says it sounds like a good idea.

8pm, Dad answers, no idea where he is.

8:30pm, Dad answers again and says he's in the bathroom - Dad assures me he'll have him call me as soon as he gets out of the bathroom....

8:35pm, I call and cancel his hotel reservation

9pm, brother answers and he's apparently gone to the gas station for a min (so much for calling me when he's done taking a shit huh?) Knowing all is lost I just go home. My only hope is that something came up and we leave at 1am.

10pm, kid calls me! Now we're getting some where.... or not.
Me: Hey man! Did you forget about me today?
Him: No.... um... I couldn't call because the phone was unavailable till about 10 min ago
Me: Really, that's weird, I talked to your Mom at 7:30, she said you weren't home.
Him: Well... um.... ah....
Me: Dude, seriously, do you wanna do this or what?
Him: Please don't be mad....
Me: Honestly, I won't be mad if you're not going to join, I'll find somebody else; I'm confidant of that. What I AM mad about is that you told me you'd call me or come to the Armory at 6 and you didn't call or anything. At least give me the common courtisy of a phone call - at least respect me enough and be man enough to call me and tell me you're not going to do it.
Him: Well.... ah....
Me: I mean I know I don't have the most active social life in the world, but I DO have a life. I have better things to do than sit at the Armory waiting for you to not show up.
Him: Well I told you, the phone wasn't available....
Me: Man, at least have enough respect for me to NOT lie to me.
Him: I'm not lying!
Me: Yes you are, you were at the skate park(I'm bluffing)
Him: How'd you know that?!
Me: I told you, I own this town. Nothing goes down without me knowing about it. (Pretty much true, I'm really good at making relationships in the community so I do find out about everything)
Him: Oh..... well, yeah, I, um....... decided that...... I'm not going to do it.
Me: Was that hard?
Him: No
Me: So what's going on? What changed your mind from yesterday?
Him: Nothing.
Me: Huh?!
Him: I was just rushing into the decision.
Me: So you want to think about it and then call me back in day or two?
Him: I'm just not interested.
Me: Alright man. That's all you had to say. Got any friends that might be interested?
Him: No.
Me: OK, take it easy then......
Him: Later [Click]


Well now I have to wake up at 3am to pick up my other guy so I go to bed

3am comes and I'm in the shower, getting ready to enlist ONE person. On the way to his house, 2 and a half hours down the road from me, he texts me. The conversation goes like this:

Him: Will they do a breathalizer on me when we get down there?
Me: Why?
Him: Because I don't think I'll pass one
Me: Are you totally blitzed or just over the legal limit?
Him: You'll probably get drunk being around me?
Me in the car: SHIT! + lots of other swear words
Me in text: Are you serious?
Him: No
Me: What?!
Him: I love fucking with you
Me: I hate you, be at your house in 10 min.

I pick him up, drop him off at MEPS at 10 to 8 and the GCs say he's good to go - don't worry about it. I've heard that before, but they tell me to go run the numerious errands I always have when I'm down there. I have to go to clothing and sales so I leave MEPS. My phone rings, it's my NCOIC. He tells me I have to go to the ROC (Recruiting Operations Center, our HQ) for a conference call. These are usually not fun. This one, was actually pretty good - I didn't even get yelled at for losing SDP kid. All my SGM said was "Shit happens.... find another one".

Anyway, my guy enlisted, so now I've only got 1 left to complete mission. I've got 1 guy who I'm getting parental concent (PC) signed on Sunday and another one in the funnel.

It's drill weekend, and I've got to get up early so I'm going to try to end this soon....... but it was a kind of productive last 2 days, but extremely stressful! Thank god I have a wedding to go to this weekend - I don't care about the wedding, I just want to party it up at the reception!

If you didn't notice, SGT Lori is shutting down her blog so make sure you swing by and give her a fond farewell.



SFC B said...

I had that same conversation with a CAT4 who changed her mind after waiting all year for a slot.

Station Commando said...

And they say recruiters lie. I get lied to everyday.