07 May, 2007

Reuters Needs Help

I was looking a picture slide show of the "celebrations" after the French elections today and came across a picture with a.... well.... strange caption:

Click on the image to enlarge

"Damaged?" I think that car is a little bit more than "damaged"! And to think that people actually trust Reuters to give them fair coverage on world events. And to think that some of my friends think I'm crazy to hate the MSM.... or I might just be a crazy right-wing-wacko... either way, what do you think?


Flag Gazer said...

Damaged - means it hasn't been burned - !!!?


The media has rewritten the meanings of words beyond recognition.

I think you are a realist who is paying attention, but people think I am a 'crazy right-wing wacko' too, so who am I to say??!!

The Elephant said...

As opposed to what? Totaled? It doesn't appear to be burned out and looks somewhat salvageable. It looks like all you need to do it is flip it and do some repair work. Hell, the side windows are still intact.

Besides, even if Reuters does have a weird definition of "damaged," how on earth out that have anything to do with how they cover world events?