09 August, 2006


Well, it's been a while since my last post. You wouldn't believe how busy I've been. I've enlisted 3 new people since then, had a family reunion, took a week off to spend time with a friend from Ireland, worked a county fair, and found time to spend with my girlfriend! I planned to do a new post, but there was a lot of changes I wanted to make to my blog before I did another post. I'm not done yet, but I think it looks damn good!

I figured I'd do my second post as to why I blog.

I decided to blog for many reasons. It just seemed like a good way to get things off my chest for one. This is a way that I can talk about anything I want and leave it out there for anyone to comment. I haven't done that yet, I know, but eventually I'll be blogging more regularly. I'm kind of new to this blogging thing, but I'm not a complete newb. I run another blog for my brother in all actuality. He does most of the posting, I just do the graphics and all that jazz. You can find his blog here. Now you're going to look at his blog and say "Wow, that looks nice - why does yours look so crappy?!" Well his blog is featured on military.com and gets lots of traffic so I spend a lot of time making it look nice. My blog has no readers right now, so you lucky few who have some how stumbled upon my blog aren't so lucky to view a crappy looking blog. Maybe when my brother gets back from deployment, or if I get a lot of readers I'll start making it look better.

I get my inspiration from many places. I read a lot of blogs. The one who really got me interested is Military Recruiter. It's unfortunate that he had to shut his down, but he had his reasons. Who knows, maybe we'll see him again some day. Other bloggers that got me interested, and I read often, are Station Commando and SFC B. SFC B you can now claim that you have 7 readers. Jack Army, Blackfive, and others are places I get inspiration from as well.

I don't get my inspiration from just other bloggers however. I am a man who has dedicated his life to defending freedom, democracy, and the American way. I see that America is under attack from psychopathic sickos who kill in the name of Allah. I just wish more of America can see the same thing! I also see that America is under attack from within it's own borders. I'm not only talking about terrorist cells or the huge illegal immigration problem - I'm talking about politics. I sit at home and watch every day as America is crumbling from the inside out because of the liberal left and the main stream media. They are destroying America for what they call "freedom" and "political correctness". Basically, I see this as my way of doing my part to defend my country from their preferred form of government - socialism. Hence I blog in hopes that somebody will be educated by my writings in between my rants of why I love and hate my job, what's going on in my life, and anything else I find interesting enough to post about.

By the way, if you haven't guessed it by now, yes, I'm a conservative. (And damn proud of it)



SFC B said...

Seven readers! Sweet! Glenn Reynolds will soon be asking ME to link to him more!

Station Commando said...

Welcome to the fold. SFC B Delende Est!