15 August, 2006

World Trade Center

Having seenUnited 93 and been very happy with the movie, I figured I'd give World Trade Center a try. I went to the movie theatre with a lady friend of mine (no, she's not my new girlfriend), paid $13 for the two tickets (yeah, I know, you people in NYC are paying $13 per ticket) and sat down not quite knowing what to expect.

To tell you the truth, I figured since Oliver Stone created it, it would be full of his usual anti-America political mumbo-jumbo. I knew going into the movie that I would either really like it, or want to kick Oliver Stone's ass! I watched the movie ready to nit-pick everything about it but was pleasently suprised there was no political twist on the movie at all. The movie is not really about the attack itself - but about the way it has changed all our lives. I'm going to stop talking about the movie because I actually recommend that all three of you reading this (or is it 4 if Gordy is still reading my blog?) go out and see it if you haven't already.

I will end with an example of the movie's message. Carlos Mencia really said it best in his pre-Mind of Mencia days:

True, isn't it?



SGT Lori said...

I saw the movie. I cried through the whole thing. On the lighter side, whem the "Marine" suddenly appears in uniform, I leaned over to my sister-in-law and whispered "That was one damn good recruiter that got him in that fast!" We all had a good chuckle.

Guardsman said...

I was actually said to my lady friend, "How much did the Marines pay for the endorsement?" She's not so bright so she just replied, "Huh?"


Politics of a Patriot said...

Like your blog... and I think I made 5 readers. :)

Jason Lomberg said...

I didn't like World Trade Center nearly as much as United 93. On the plus side, there wasn't much in the way of conspiracy theorizing (though that one policeman's mention of "Israel?" was rather odd). However, as a film, it's very slow. I realize it's based on a true story, but in a narrative sense, having your two main characters immobilized for most of the film makes for a very plodding pace. Call me a grinch, but not every true story, no matter how inspiring, makes a compelling film.