19 September, 2006

For Your Viewing Pleasure

sgWell ladies and gentlemen, a huge part of what I've been working on is FINALLY finished. I suppose I should give you an idea of what you're about to view....... Well, you've all heard the song American Soldier by Toby Keith and I hope you have all heard the inspiring speech from LTC R. White. I've taken the two and combined them with clips from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Without further adieu:

There is one part of the video that I was actually present for - can you tell me which part it was?

Share as you'd like via traffic only. Please do not link to this video as I pay for my bandwidth. I will post to Military.com and other sites soon enough.


UPDATE: I noticed an error in the compiling of the video - will have it fixed soon.

UPDATE: 9/22 - Video fixed. Video uploaded to YouTube. Watch for a higher quality version uploaded to Google Video soon. Video submitted to Military.com "Shock & Awe". If you have other suggestions of places to submit the video please email or say so in comments.

UPDATE: 9/22 - Video uploaded to Google Video


heartland1119 said...

Wow!!! This is incredible!

Becky said...

Loved it!

Station Commando said...

Man, you did great with that one! My guess is the funeral shot.

Guardsman said...

Thankfully it wasn't the funeral shot. I've been lucky enough to not have any personal friends or soldiers from current or former units of mine make the ultimate sacrifice.

I'll give you a hint - really big that makes a big boom

Hearland & Becky,


JimNtexas said...

Please post that on youtube as soon as you can. I want to send it to all my friends who are also USAF retired.

It made me cry, not just because I'm retired military.

My son is today in his fifth week of basic training for the Army guard.

Thank you.

Dayngr said...

Awesome of course! Stop by my support site - eMailOurMilitary.com

Thanks for all you do for us!