07 November, 2006

$10 Internet Part 2

I paid for internet again today so here I am doing another post....

Today I just spent time with some fell RRNCOs lounging around the pool at the Hale Koa where we're staying for most of the day. I went around and did my own thing for a while, like finishing my book on the beach - but most of the day was spent with them.

Eventually the rest of our team arrived and we had a required meeting to go over the itinary and have dinner togeather. Eventaually it was decided I was going out with "the boys". I was a little worried how things would go with me being the only sober one - I was pretty much told I would be baby sitting them as they got messed up. I decided I can walk home whenever I want so I'd just play it by ear.

Our first stop was Moose McGillychubby's bar:

All I have to say is SAUSAGE FEST! The only women there were the bartenders and chicks with their boyfriends. This wasn't a too bad of time until SGT TP started humping my leg in an attempt to be funny. I guess it was kind of funny, but I didn't really enjoy him humping my leg! The most interesting thing that almost happened involved a large Somoen(sp?) man and a bet of $150. I won't give too many details of this bet, but just know if it would have been carried out it would have resulted in somebody's severe injury and the cops interviening. I was glad SGT Holyman didn't take the bet.....

Realizing this was a total sausage fest we decided to leave and go to Bobby G's Spot:

This bar was slightly better but there was a local Regge band playing so the place was packed with military guys and pot-heads. The pot-heads weren't so bad - but I just don't like hanging out with other military guys very much.

Most people who aren't in the military probably wouldn't understand this but those of you who are in know what I'm talking about. Military guys are usually, mostly, "Alpha Male" type guys. Always trying to dominate one another and getting pissed off about the littlest things to appear to be the "better man". When I'm off duty I really just want to chill. I work hard every day and I really don't have the want or need or energy to constantly battle these guys. I think it stems from being a totally different person out of uniform than I am in uniform. Just the way all these guys want to "prove" how much better they are than every other guy just gets on my nerves. I would rather just chill out and meet some nice people and have a generally good time. Another reason I don't like to hang out with other military guys is that I hang out with military guys every day - why would I want to do that on my time off? I have found, however, that I like to hang out with older, married, military guys because they're more mature and have nothing to prove - nor do they try to steal away the girl you're dancing with!

Anyway, tomorrow is an early day with a required breakfast and then some training - I'll leave you with a daytime picture of the view from my hotel room:

-SGT Guardsman


Anonymous said...

Just trying to figure out how just the Top Team in the State pulled off a trip to Hawaii? Never heard of such a thing. Hope all of you are having good time, so you can come back and "put'em in boots"

"Ole Sarge"

JACK ARMY said...

Been to the Hale Koa a few time with my gaggle of gals to enjoy the pool and beach. Nice place. Too bad I'm in Iraq instead of Schofield, otherwise we'd have to meet. Well, when you take top recruiter of the universe next year, come back to Hawaii and we'll have a beer together. And this old married Soldier will dance with his own lady and leave you to yours!

Guardsman said...

"Ole Sarge",
The trip for the Top Team is a state incentive. I don't even want to know how much the state paid for it this year! They can get away with these things because the state of Minnesota was the #1 state in the union for recruiting - thus making my team the NUMBER 1 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY!

We rule!

Would have been cool to meet you. This year is probably my last year in recruiting - but we'll see what next year brings. Now that I've been to Hawaii for the 4th time on the Army's dime - my sister and a few other family members are saying we should take a trip there and I can be their tour guide!!! I know we all plan to take a trip once my brother gets back fromt he sand box......

Anonymous said...
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