06 November, 2006

Making Use of $10 Internet

Well I paid for the internet again today so I figured I'd do another post to get my $10 worth......

So today I slept in for a while for the first time in a while. I only slept in till 10am. The weird thing is that all of my team mates were basically appaled that I had slept in so long. I'm on VACATION!!! Why shouldn't I sleep in? I did and I enjoyed it so if they have a problem with it I really don't care.

After I woke up we all rallied in the lobby and set out to do some shopping with the wives. I'm sure I could have done something else but seriously, walking the beach alone wouldn't have been very fun. We walked through the business district and looked at all the shops including the expansive ones that wouldn't let us in because we weren't in suits and ties. Bastards!

One thing that was interesting is that there is an ABC Store on just about every block. Now I've been to places with a Starbucks everywhere you turn, but I seriously don't know how ABC Stores stay open as they're litterally on EVERY block.

After a while one part of our group got sick and tired of looking at EVERY shop so they moved on while a group of us stayed back and took our time. I stayed with the "slow" group for 2 reasons. #1 because I don't really have anything else to do so I might as well just relax and take my time. #2 because I just get along with the people that were in the "slow" group much better than the other group.

While we were taking our time stopping at every shop we stopped at a mall and quickly realized we couldn't afford a single thing in this place so we decided to leave. As we were leaving SGT Redeye's wife (I should do a battle roster one of these days huh?) said she needed to use the bathroom. She took about 10 steps, look at her husband and said, "I don't feel very good...", then nelt down and puked all over the floor of that mall!

Deep inside I was kind of smiling since some of those shops looked at us like we were peseants as they asked us to leave - the deserved to have their floor puked on.

In all reality I felt really bad about Mrs. Redeye and how she was feeling. But man did she puke everywhere!

Eventually she finished puking and SGT Redeye grabbed a cab to take her back to the hotel. So SFC Blunt, his wife, and I went on to:

We walked around the International Market Place for a while and I quickly discovered that SGT Blunt's wife is a very bad influence. I am now the proud owner of a bunch of Hawaiin Shirts that I'll probably never wear again after this week. They're nice shirts though. The one thing that I wanted to pick up was a new pair of sunglasses. I found a shop with some name-brand sunglasses for really cheep but nothing that popped out at me so I dropped $10 on a pair I thought looked nice but would soon replace. Eventaully we came upon a Oakley store and SGT Blunt's wife suggested we go "peak" inside.

I found an AWESOME pair of sunglasses with interchangable lenses that I really liked. SGT Blunt's wife eventually talked me into the glasses and we watched for a half hour while 2 different sales people tried to figure out how the lenses actually fit into the glasses! If somebody from Oakley is reading this you really need to train your people better. We were about to leave when SGT Blunt's wife said we should look at the sandals that they had there. Both SGT Blunt and I left with brand new Oakley sandals - and that bastard claimed the pair that I wanted first. I couldn't copy him so I went with my second choice.

Did I mention that SGT Blunt's is a bad influence? About a $350 bad influence.

After that SGT Blunt and his wife went back to the hotel for a "nap" and left me on my own. I didn't know what I wanted to do so I went to my hotel room to read Saddam's Secrets. I read about a page and realized I'm in friggin HAWAII sitting in my hotel room reading - so I took the book to the beach. I read another 3 chapters and realized that the sun was setting:

After sunset I called a team mate and hooked up with the "fast" group for dinner - at the hotel restaurant where we ate dinner LAST NIGHT! I hate eating at the same place twice in a row. I talked with them for a while and then they all went to spend some time with their wives - it sucks being one of the only single guy here. So I decided to take a night time walk along the beach and then retired to my hotel room and watched a movie.

So, that's my Hawaii trip so far - hope you enjoy reading what your tax dollars are paying for but "training" starts tomorrow so I'm going to bed. If I pay another $10 for internet tomorrow I'll probably do another post.

-SGT Guardsman

P.S. Eye reely dount liek Jon Carry sow eye reely waunt two use hiz speel cewker bwat eye culd nawt dew an entier powst uswing it. SGT Lori and eye are werking on sumthing two stik it two teh bastard. Stay tuneed......


Station Commando said...

Mango Moon shirts are the best. They are cheap and fit loose and comfortable.

A good place to eat is the Oceanarium in the Pacific Beach Hotel. Expensive but worth it. They have a three story aquarium in the restaurant.

Make sure you hit the Blowhole, on Kam highway, good pictures. If you're feeling adventurous go jump into the toilet bowl, just don't complain if you get hurt.

The windward side is the real Hawaii. Go eat at Teddy's Bigger Burgers in Kailua. They have a huge burger with a big hash brown patty on it.

If you're still there on Sunday the Hale Koa hotel has a good brunch. Once again, expensive but worth it.