22 January, 2007

Overdue Update

It's almost 12:30am and I am sitting here thinking about the fact that I have to be up in 5 hours - and about the fact that I have not updated my blog in a very long time. Sure I've had some simple posts, but nothing really of an update. Trying (and failing) to figure out how to hack the new-blogger has taken most of my blogging time, but I figured now would be a good time to give you all an update.

Where to begin..... These last few months have been a whirlwind affair and time has passed by so quickly. There have been some ups, and some downs, but in the end all is well. I guess I'll start with the downs so I can end on a higher note....

Anybody that knows me should probably know by now that my brother Troy has had his tour in Iraq extended by up to 125 days. That was unexpected news to say the least! I can't say I wasn't disappointed when I heard the news because I was. I've been asked a million times how I feel about this and the only answer I can come up with is "I understand it". The reason I say I understand it is because I understand how important this war is for America and our freedom-loving allies across the globe. Without getting into a huge debate I'll just say that losing in Iraq now means America and Freedom will lose for a very long time to come. If my brother and many, many friends have to stay over there longer to accomplish this mission, then I understand that it must be done. I can't say that I wasn't looking forward to going to my brother's softball games this summer, and spending time at the cabin with him and the family all summer. I WAS looking forward to all that - but I'm sure I'll get by somehow. And just like Keely and Auntie Debby said in the comments, maybe we'll just have to extend cabin Sunday's for a while. By the way Uncle Danny - I don't think my parents will have room for me when I move back this summer and through the fall when I'm in college......

Mission has been a constant struggle to be completely honest with you all. I have to admit that the extension was a set-back. I had 3 people ready to go, then *poof* they were gone - all citing the extension as the reason. I honestly don't understand how Minnesota troops extending now affects you when you're not eligible for deployments for 2 years or more but hey - I don't know everything. So I've been making up ground everywhere I can. I'm back on track with one down at MEPS as of this writing and a few more testing on Tuesday. Recruiting Gods (hat-tip SFC B) willing I will "box" this months mission to quote my active duty and reserve friends.

I have to make even more changes to my blog because I am now a Master Badge recruiter. I finally accomplished that feat and I can now sleep better at night.

I've taken a little more time to spend time with my family back home lately. I really have to say that it's been quite enjoyable (not that spending time with my family isn't enjoyable). My niece Macava is the cutest thing in the world. When I'm visiting her at my parents house she always wants to play with me and give me things. We play tea quite a lot. That usually involves me watching TV with my dad and my brother Travis with her constantly bringing me little tiny cups filled with imaginary tea. It's really funny. She even wants to play tea with me while I sleep. Often times there aren't enough beds at my parents house when I visit so I am stuck with the couch (albit a very comfortable couch, Mom) at which I really don't mind. One morning I awoke to find 2 little tiny cups of said imaginary tea perfectly placed on my chest. And God bless her little soul, as soon as I was awake, she brought me another one. It's been almost a month since Christmas time and she still takes the time to tell me every time I see her how much she doesn't like Santa and "the moose" (long story). It's really cute! And last but not least I have to mention the scary Dora doll that I got her for Christmas/her birthday. My sister-in-law Lindsay commented that the doll was kind of scary and freaked her (Lindsay) out. Macava LOVES that doll apparently - maybe her love for her uncle overshadows the scariness of the doll?

Finally, I'll end with an even higher note. I have become a member of a mentoring program now. It was a shaky start - it seemed every kid they tried to match me with was either suddenly moving, had a grandfather who didn't like me because of my young age, or was in juvie. But finally after a month they've matched me with a great kid. He's 12 and in 7th grade and just a great kid. His mom has done an amazing job of raising him and his 2 older brothers and I really consider myself fortunate to be able to mentor him. I've only spent 2 days with him so far but we've had a great time. The first day was just introductions with me, him, his mom, and the head of the mentoring program. The second day was a lot of fun. I took him over to the Armory and showed him a tank, HMMWV, and an M113 - which he LOVED. The we went out for lunch and then to a movie, Night at the Museum. We both loved the movie and I recommend everyone go see it (that means Troy, Joe, and Bret will probably never see it). After that we went to my house and I introduced him to the greatness that is Battlefield 2 on PC. He loved the game and can't wait to play it again. Troy, when you get back we might have another member of the "PLEX". Bret, we're going to have to start playing a little more. We had a great time playing video games, then his Mom invited me over for dinner and we had a nice time. I can't wait till I do something with him again.

Well, I think that's about it for now. Sorry for the delay in posts (that happens a lot doesn't it), it's just I've been so busy with everything these last few months that I haven't had time to blog (that's a good thing right?)



Station said...

I've been hearing a lot about "the surge" like every recruiter has I'm sure.

SGT Lori said...

Congrats on the Master Badge!!!

yankeemom said...

Well done on the Master Badge!
You have been busy ~ glad to hear you have more time with the family.
My recruiters here are busting butt too trying to get their numbers.

Anonymous said...

Master Badge, good job, Congratulaions!!! The extention of our Troops in Iraq, I understand it also. I have many friends that are there and I would dearly love to see them home and safe. However, as you say, if we loose this war by backing down, the USA will suffer forever (not just a long time to come). We will never, be safe and our freedom as we know it will never be the same. I have a very hard time understanding what the idiots in Washington are thinking, when they can't realize this. I think that several would distroy this Country for personal gain, and in my opinion they should be sent to the front lines w/o body armor and a 22 Caliber single shot Click Stick. Enough said.

"Ole Sarge"