01 March, 2007

Old Man Winter's Assult Continues

Phase 1 of old man winter's assault has been completed. He took a break early this morning before starting phase 2. Phase 2 is twice as bad as phase 1!!! The worst part is that intel says he's got a phase 3 planned as well!

I woke this morning to see the end of phase 1 but quickly went back to sleep. An hour later I was wakened by my phone ringing at 0800.... and it was MEPS calling. Every recruiter knows that it's never a good thing when MEPS calls that early. NEVER! turns out my guy is 6lbs UNDERWEIGHT!!!! Why do these things happen to me? After I got off the phone I started getting ready to go pick him up and head home - hoping the break in Old Man Winter's assault would hold and allow me to get home. I was wrong.

After checking out I walked out of my hotel and took this picture. Phase 2 had begun and apparently Old Man Winter had unleashed a full-on assault giving us all he's got. The normal 15 minute drive to MEPS took almost 45 minutes. I picked up my kid and had to stop by my headquaters for some errunds. HQ took a little longer than anticipated but we were finally on the road.

The trip didn't start out to bad - but it quickly got bad, and then even worse. We had been driving for 2 and a half hours and I realized we were in a town that normally took an hour! We had been going 30mph and there were lots of cars in the ditch - I decided that it wasn't safe to continue.

Here I am, stuck in a hotel wishing I could be home. My applicant crashed on his bed long ago so now I'm watching a "Back to the Future" marathon...... wish me luck.

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