01 March, 2007

Old Man Winter's Punishment

And it starts......

Old Man Winter has started his punishment on Minnesota tonight. The best part? I'm at MEPS and have to drive home tomorrow in the storm!!! By Friday, most of Minnesota could be buried in up to 15 to 24 inches of snow!!! Why did this whole thing have to start while I'm at MEPS. I've got enough to worry about with the MEPS doctors and all..... but now I snow storm? One part of me says that if the roads are too bad, that I should just stay in the cities another night with my applicant because I'd like to make the 4 hour drive alive! Another part of me says to tough it out and get home as safely as possible. Right now I'm not sure what I want to do.

On one hand, I don't want ot die.... so I should just take the safest route and stay in a hotel for another night. On the other hand I'm looking at my weekend and I really just want to make it home.

This weekend we have our yearly conference called "Winterfest". I have to admit that I really don't like going to winterfest. Why don't I like winterfest? Let me tell you!

Winterfest is a time for everyone in my command to get together, get drunk, kiss some command ass, and stroke their egos. In the end it's a weekend where I'm forced to hang out with a bunch of people that I don't want to hang out with! A lot of these people spend the entire weekend drunk as hell, making me not want to hang with them even more. I'll will admit that there are other recruiters who I really consider my friends - but if I want to hang out with them I will. The other recruiters I just want to work with - I don't necessarily want to spend an entire weekend with them. The one nice thing about winterfest is that it is a time that the command issues out awards - and since we never recieved any awards for being the top team in the state last year I'm hoping to actually get some awards for once.

Let me get back to why I just want to tough out the storm.

If I stay in the cities another night I will have to drive 4 hours back to my office on Friday morning, then turn around and drive back to the cities to attend Winterfest. It's safer, but damn will all that drive time on Friday suck!

If I tough out the storm on the road and go back tomorrow, Thursday, I'll get to sleep in my own bed. Then I'll only have 4 hours to drive on Friday, instead of 8.

I think I'll see what the roads are like tomorrow - I'll take some pictures tomorrow morning to show you the aftermath of phase 1 of Old Man Winter's assault.

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Anonymous said...

Where is winterfest? Is it a dance? And is it only for MEPS staff?